I may have dropped you, but I’m the one who shattered.

We Are All Fragments Of Glass, Some More Durable Than Others // Cicatrice (via wheremythoughtsare) Via Words Aren't Just Words.


After a breakup you should either say only good things about your ex, or never speak of them again. — Michael Lipsey


It happens every single time.

You weren’t in love with me. And I wish I knew it then.
No…I wish I didn’t deny it then.
You always listed my traits like some kind of pros and cons list,
Like you had to convince yourself the reasons to stay.
You loved me conditionally;
When you wanted it, when you felt like it.
You loved me as if it were synonymous to doing the laundry;
Wear me and use me and only awash me with love when you felt that I was too dirty from sitting on your bedroom floor.
I was a chore to you.

But you were my afternoon nap, the candy that I had the sweetest tooth for.
You were my comforter and the pillow I laid my weary head.
You were my home.
You have to understand that I didn’t, wouldn’t, couldn’t evict you.
You were my home,
But I had to leave.
I had to leave because I was not your home.
I was your apartment, and I was temporarily for rent.

– a.h. “Evicted” (via ahbleedingheart) Via words spilled over.

Some days I want to cry until I’m happy again.

– IntoTheRedEye (via intotheredeye) Via Into The Red Eye Poetry
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